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What is chalk paint? Why can’t I just use Benjamin Moore or that leftover paint from the spare bedroom?

This is BY FAR the most common question I get. Here are the four reasons to use chalk paint instead of the latex:

  • Chalk paint actually HAS chalk (or one of many filler-type products) that gives the paint an extra ability to cover and hide.
  • If you follow my instructions, it sticks to wood like nobody’s business.
  • It has a buttery finish that takes your final coat of wax or poly beautifully.
  • It distresses beautifully, allowing you to create just the level of pre-loved that you want.

While the leftover latex paint may look great for awhile, it is more prone to chipping than chalk paint (ask me how I know this…) and you will probably need to do more work (read prime and more coats of paint) to achieve the same result as you will with chalk paint.

And at the end of the day, you want the pieces that you spend so much time transforming to look great for years to come.

20141108_153731How long are the classes?

Typically 2.5 hours.

What will I learn?

  • Is your piece a good candidate for painting (the important things you should look for – and look out for)
  • How to prep – and why sandpaper is NOT your friend at this point.
  • The tools and materials that are must-haves – and surprisingly cheap alternatives that work BETTER than pricey options.
  • Applying paint. Yes…how you apply DOES make a difference in the finished piece.
  • Distressing arfully. (Hint – NOW you can break out the sandpaper – but first you have to learn to look at your piece.)
  • What to use for protection and where to apply it (strictly a G-Rated conversation).
  • Bonus: You will also get a waxing demo (still G-rated)

Can I really learn to chalk paint in a couple of hours?

Yup. I have taught dozens of classes and students walk out with the confidence and knowledge to tackle their own projects.

How much does it cost? What does it include?

Cost is $50. You walk out of class with a jar of chalk paint (value $12) and a frame that you custom painted and distressed (value $15).I supply all the other materials needed. You also get an instruction sheet to take home to help you on your own project.

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Where are the classes held?

I usually do the classes at Copper Chimney Restaurant at the International Inn, Hyannis, 662 Main St (right across from Cottage Chic Resale). They have a room that they set aside for our painting class.

Delicious food, great drinks, fun snacks are all available for you to purchase. Come early for dinner (FAB-U-LOUS Cottage Chic taste-tested chowder and burgers) or stay for dessert. Always a fun place.

I have a few friends who all want to paint together? Will you teach a class just for us?

You bet! I can teach private paint-parties for everything from bridal events to family get-togethers. The family (or friends) who paint together, stay together. AND I can customize the class to your needs.

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