DIFY Painting

Do It For You Painting (DIFY)

I hear this EVERY day….

“Mary…I have this wonderful (bureau, server, dining set) that my (aunt, grandmother, dad) gave me. I LOVE the piece but it just doesn’t go with anything. I wish there was something I can do…” Well, my Resale Divas, I can wave my magic wand (read: paintbrush) and make your dreams come true. I can paint your furniture for you. From ho-hum dining room sets to dowdy armoires, I have turned furniture that is languishing in spare bedrooms into stars in your decor.

Tell me more!

During the quieter winter months – often when clients are off-Cape at their winter homes or gone on a warm-weather vacation – I go to client’s homes and paint their furniture. You come back to fabulous “new” furniture – and your manicure hasn’t even gotten a chip!

What do you paint?

Furniture: bureaus, servers, tables, dining sets, desks, armoires, China cabinets, bookcases – what do you have that needs a facelift?

Cabinets: bath vanities, kitchen cabinets, bars, built-ins – what do you want to change in your home?

Can you work with my designer?

You bet! I LOVE to collaborate with other creative professionals. We can come up with creative solutions to make your home look bea-u-tiful!

How do we get started?

Talk to me! I will need to see a couple of photos. Bring your ideas about the change you want and let’s figure out what is the best way to turn your ugly ducklings into wonderful swans.